Ancestral information on the descendents of Nils Nilsson and Hanna Trulsdotter of Eskilstorp, Glimåkra Socken, Kristianstads Län, Skåne, Sweden.


Patti Morris the great great granddaughter of Elsie has provided many new photographs for the picture gallery

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Serial number 00002
Nils Nilsson
b. 8.29.1812
d. 4.10.1889
Farmer in Eskilstorp

Serial number 00001
Hanna Trulsdotter (Nilsson)
b. 4.14.1813
d. 1.13.1899
Homemaker in Eskilstorp

Serial number 10000
Bengta Nilsdotter
b. 12.18.1835 in Eskilstorp
d. 9.24.1914

Serial number 20000
Karna Nilsdotter
b. 9.27.1837 in Eskilstorp

Serial number 30000
Sissa Nilsdotter
b. 8.2.1839 in Eskilstorp
d. 2.12.1928 in Glimåkra

Serial number 40000
Nilla Nilsdotter
b. 9.23.1841
d. ?.?.?? in Galesburg, Illinois

Serial number 50000
Hanna Nilsdotter
b. 9.2.1843
d. 1.25.1886 in Glimåkra

Serial number 60000
Pernilla Nilsdotter
b. 5.7.1845
d. 1.13.1939, Hoopston, IL

Serial number 70000
Nils Nilsson (Nels Nelson)
b. 8.15.1847
d. 3.20.1929, Bertrand, Nebraska

Serial number 80000
Elna Nilsdotter
b. 8.28.1849
d. 5.5.1857 in Eskilstorp

Serial number 90000
Else (Elsie) Nilsdotter
d. 4.1.1927, Brandt, South Dakota