Family gathering in Eskilstorp 1898

The Matriarch Hanna   Trulsdotter with her daughter Karna's family outside the house in Eskilstorp. The names are (left to right).
John Svensson - son of Karna (sn 21000) was the owner of Eskilstorp at the time.
Sigrid Svensson - John's wife (sn 21001).
Sven Johnsson - Karna's husband (sn 20001).
Karna - Hanna's daughter (sn 20000).
Matilda - Karna's daughter (sn 25000).
Nils - Karna's son (sn 26000).
Sissa - Karna's daughter (sn 24000).
August Persson Karna's son in-law and Emilia's husband (sn 22001).
Emilia - Karna's daughter (sn 22000) with her daughter Thyra in the lap.

Hanna Trulsdotter is seen leaving the party with Eskilstorp shown in the background.