Ancestral information on the decendents of Nils Nilsson and Hanna Trulsdotter of Eskilstorp, Glimåkra Socken, Kristianstads Län, Skåne, Sweden.


Serial number 41000
Emil Peterson
b. 3.5.1877 in Galesburg, IL
d. 7.1.1962 in Galesburg
Chef in Galesburg

Serial number 41000S
Esther Swanson
b. 5.6.1877 in Galesburg
d. 3.5.1958

Serial number 41100
Harold Peterson
b. 10.1.1900 in Galesburg, Illinois
d. 11.09.1983
Professor in Buffalo, NY

Serial number 41200
Evelina Peterson
b. ??.??.1903 in Galesburg
d. ??.??.1993
Clerk in Galesburg. Not married