Photographs from the collection of Harold Peterson the grandson of Nels and Johanna Nelson, Bertrand, Nebraska

Betty and Harold Peterson

According to the legend Nels and Hannah Nelson were married in a wagon. This photograph is authentic according to Harold and he is sticking to the story.

The wedding photograph of Harold's parents Anna Cecelia Nelson and John Peter Peterson

Harold's oldest brother Clarence Peterson with wife Audrey Peterson

Photograph taken at Betty and Harold's wedding showing Harold's parents Anna and John flanked from the left by brother Paul and sister in law Audrey. To the right by sister Eunice and brother Oliver.

The Westlanda Church in Bertrand. Nels and Hannah Nelson had to provide the majority of the funds for this new church when other pledges were not forthcoming. The old church located north of Bertrand had been destroyed by fire and the Swedes living in the area did not want to rebuild it at a downtown location.

The Nelson farmhouse in Bertrand. The land was a tree claim meaning that a larger homestead lot was allocated in order to allow planting of trees that provided timber and firewood on the otherwise treeless paraire.

The building in the background is the wash house now more than 100 years old. It is still there and the only one remainng from the original farm.

Drilling of a water well on the Platte

Marriage Certificate of Nels and Hannah

Harold posing in front of the log cabin of uncle Anton in Wyoming