Photographs from the branch of Nilla (sn 40000) who lived in Galesburg, IL

Marriage license of Peter Peterson and Nellie Nelson

Peter and Nellie Peterson


Sons Nils Sander and Joseph Emil


Houses located next door where Joseph Emil and Nils Sander lived in Galesburg

Harold, son of Joseph Emil, shown to the left with wife Lucille in famous company

Harold Fern Peterson

The Joseph Emil family grave in Galesburg. Daughter Evelyn is shown to the right.

Record from the Hope Cemetery by the McFall Monument Company in Galesburg in Galesburg, IL showing that a Nellie Peterson is buried in plot 11 of the 489 area, which is the only information found about Nellie Peterson's burial.  There are no headstones or markers for several blocks.  The census records  for the time she died were destroyed in a fire.