Translation of letter dated May 5, 1889 written by Swen Johnsson (sn 10013) to his brother in-law Nils Nilsson (Nels Nelson) (SN 10005) can be found below. The reason for writing the letter was to convey the message to Nels that his father Nils Nilsson had passed away. As Nels was the only son in the family he had to be consulted about what to do with the estate. Swen Johnsson was married to Nels' sister Karna (SN10003). Swen and Karna were the owners of the Eskilstorp farm at the time.

Eskilstorp, 5 May, 1889.

May God's peace be with you and your family. My dear brother in-law and brother I wish to inform you that your father has passed away. He died during the night on 10 April after only one day of illness. The day before he was taking a sauna but he has been in bad health for more than one year. The funeral was held on 17 in the same month. He is missed here at home by his wife, children, grand children, in-laws and many friends. My dear brother in-law please give your mourning mother and us an advice about what to do with his estate. We have discussed that you mother should move in with us and sell the house and the "outside" belongings in order to pay their debt because she cannot stay down there by her self or with only the help from Anna. We have promised to make a room available for her if she so wish, which she has indicated that she wants and we will make sure that she is taken care of during her old age as far as we are capable. My dear Nils and brother in-law give her and us an advice if you wish to do what we suggest or something else in which case we want you to let us know as soon as you receive this letter. My dear brother in-law you have to forgive us because we should have written to you before and it is has been too long after your father's death. We beg your forgiveness. We are all eventually going the same way from this earth, May God make us reflect on this and leave it in his hands, He who can make everything the best, Thus it does not matter if we die sooner or later, How empty all material things are, How short the happy moments are, Soon comes the end when all of us have to leave this earth and we have to leave all material things, This is guiding me while here. You should do the same. Many here in the community are dying at this time. I do not know what else to write this time so I have to inform you how much debt there is. Nils Trulsson in Öfvarp (Nels' uncle on his mother's side) said when he was here that Nils had around 900 kronor and a few small things worth around 200 kronor so there will not be anything left after him.. Forgive us for the delay in writing and we beg you to write back to us as soon as possible to give your mother and us an advice on the matter. Now I have to end my little letter with a dear greeting from your mother, brother in-law, sister and our children, written hastily by your brother in-law.
Swen Johnsson