This photograph is taken in Elsie Peterson's front yard on July 2, 1920 showing Elsie to the right and her sister Pernilla Matson to the left.

With additional family members in picture taken by William Sargent

Back row from Left. Gerald Sargent - Pernilla's grandson, Charlotte Rose Peterson with son Ohmer - Elsies daughter-in-law . Bennie Peterson - Elsie's son, Cora Lunde, Otto Lunde - Elsie's son-in-law.
Middle row from left, Hannah Matson Sargent - Pernilla's daughter, Pernilla Matson, Elsie Peterson, Esther Peterson Lunde - Elsie's daughter.
Front row from left, Thelma Sargent, Gladys Lunde, Elmer Lunde, Audry Peterson, Charles Peterson, Oskar Lunde

The photographer changed and this picture was taken by Bennie Peterson at the same occasion

At Elsie Peterson's farm
Back row from left to right - Gerald Sargent, (Pernilla's grandson), William Sargent, (Pernilla's son in law), Charolette Rose (Lottie, Elsie's daughter in law), Cora Lunde, Otto Lunde
Middle row - Hanna Sargent, Pernilla Matson, Elsie Peterson, Esther Lunde

Front row - Thelma Sargent, holding Ohmer Peterson, Gladys Lunde, Elmer Lunde, Audrey Peterson, Charles Peterson, Oscar Lunde